With Bludelego outsourcing you can manage any clerical activity that requires the use of the terminal and / or the phone, without limits of the market or professional type: Front Office and Customer care, Back Office, Web and Digital and much more.

Why choose Bludelego?

  • Convenience

    You only pay for the resources you really need and when you need it

  • Flexible

    Real time management of workloads and seasonality

  • Reliable

    Efficient operation guaranteed every day, without interruption for holidays, sickness and permits

  • Simple

    We provide a single contact point for all your activities

  • Under control

    We provide a single contact point for all your activities

Comparison of average annual costs between Bludelego outsourcing and a company resource

Selection and training No cost Charged to
Human resource Management No cost Charged to
Medical leave No cost Partly charged to
Vacation No cost Charged to
Maternity leave No cost Deposit charged to
13th and 14th month's salary. No cost Charged to
Overtime Standard cost Extra cost
Consumables and user charges No cost Charged to
It and technical equipment No cost Charged to
Flexibility Possible Non manageable
Minimum lot No minimum required 1 resource
Possibility to change the employer Possible Non manageable
Estimated cost average annual for junior employer €16.500 €26.500

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    Some of our solutions for your company

    BackOffice and Order Entry

    Our highly qualified personnel carries out all data entry and processing operations (order processing, tax documents processing, order entry, etc.) using our own systems as well as customer systems.

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    Web & Digital

    The Bludelego Digital Team develops digital solutions tailored to your company, both in the web and social sectors (websites, ecommerce, social media, web and social marketing) and in the design and development of applications (apps for smartphones, CRM, Web applications).

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    Bluperizie outsourcing perizie assicurative

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    Document management

    We deal with digitization of documents, paper dematerialization and electronic archiving with scalable, effective and technologically advanced solutions that guarantee maximum security and confidentiality of data.

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    Front office and Call Center

    Bludelego solutions for managing contacts with customers always ensure fast, effective and professional responses: customer care and satisfaction, secretary service, surveys, welcome calls, management of toll-free numbers at any time and 365 days a year!

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    Easy HR

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